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How Data Science turns humans into heroes of programmatic advertising.

Do you remember Iron Man’s best friend, Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes, known in film as Rhodey?  Rhodey was well educated, apparently a post-graduate from MIT. He worked as fighter pilot, who mastered rifles and pistols, but also exceptionally strong and… Continue Reading →

New year’s resolutions in Data-Science

New year’s resolutions are a good way to define a long-term roadmap for the year ahead because they can help us set priorities and organize our time wisely. That’s why I decided to join DataCamp’s initiative, and here are my Data Science… Continue Reading →

Eco-friendly gift bags

The holidays are not over yet! Some countries practice gift giving at New Year rather than Christmas, but even if you are not expecting to exchange any more gifts this Christmas/New Year season, I hope you will find this idea… Continue Reading →

We met for coffee on the sunny terrace of Carnon beach just in front of the port. Marion is a vegetarian and a healthy food artist. She expresses her creativity through beautiful gourmand dishes, prepared with bio products from local… Continue Reading →

Getting back into art

I used to draw a lot, but I stopped a while ago under the pretext of lack of time. In reality everybody can find at least half an hour on week-end to make some sketches. Especially if  “…you are surrounded… Continue Reading →

How to save the princess using Scala

Inspired by this comic illustrating how to save the princess in 8 programming languages, I’ve completed the fairytale with the missing scala strip. saving the princess, in monads we trust 😉 Save SHARE via

What exactly is “Agile” anyway?

Recently the word “Agile” has become very popular, and, as it happens to all popular terms, passing through the lines of people like in the Chinese whispers game, it becomes something significantly different from the original. This game’s result is… Continue Reading →

A new look at machine learning: NUPIC at first glance

In 2010 my best friend, knowing that I worked with neural networks and was passionate about brain’s miracles, presented me the best gift : it was a book “On intelligence” by Jeff Hawkins. The author presented a new way of… Continue Reading →

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