The holidays are not over yet! Some countries practice gift giving at New Year rather than Christmas, but even if you are not expecting to exchange any more gifts this Christmas/New Year season, I hope you will find this idea of reusable gift bags useful for another occasion!

On Christmas Eve I came across Lauriane’s article, she proposed using fabric for gift wrap to avoid wasting paper, which is mostly unrecyclable because of laminates or non-paper additives. It was a wonderful suggestion, because it’s always depressing to watch the trash buckets full of wrapping paper at the end of the party. Fortunately, I had not yet wrapped my gifts at the time I read the article!

Lauriane described her way of using the fabric for wrapping: in the same way we use paper to wrap gifts, decorating then with beautiful golden ribbons and custom name cards. The result was stunning!

But instead of using fabric in this way, I decided to sew gift bags, for one simple reason: I could never get the gift-wrapping process with paper right!

As it was late in the evening and I didn’t have time to buy fabric, so I had to find a way out of this! Old jeans and t-shirts come to my rescue! What a chance to double my recycling effort!


I didn’t want to take it too seriously, so instead of using straight edges I used the gift itself to measure the amount of fabric needed to wrap it.

jeans_for_gift1 jeans_for_gift2

In the beginning I had a doubt: would the gift wrap still look festive if I used such a simple fabric?


But it turned out that a couple of curly, shiny ribbons is enough to bring the Christmas mood to the wrap, and highlight the elegance of these gift bags!

Finally when I put the present under the Christmas tree I also added a little bit of dry glitter on the bags and it looked wonderful!


Click on image for large view!

What about the reaction of someone who receives such a green wrapped gift? All my family found it beautiful and original (which also motivates me to share it with you!), and liked the idea of eco-wrapping! Next time we are going to do some gift bags, or other recycled creative goodies together, with the children too, because it’s also a great opportunity to spend quality time with your family!

Do you think that you are too busy for this? Well, it took me some time too: ten minutes to find my old jeans, t-shirts and curly ribbon, half an hour to sew five bags, and two minutes to put on some ribbons and glitter!!

In less than an hour you can produce beautiful gift bags, recycle your favorite jeans, contribute to ecological sustainability, and have a lot of fun on the way! It’s definitely worth it! Don’t you think?


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